Chatroom Rules

  1. Do not give out any personal information. This includes your first or last name, email address, telephone number, name of your school, age, home address, town you live in, parent's names, teacher's names, myspace/facebook url, any links that include any personal information (including links to your account), etc. Giving out your personal information is not safe as you never really know who people are online in a chat room. If you notice someone is asking for personal information, asking to meet you, call you, or something to that extent please tell a moderator right away. If possible, take a screenshot of anything offensive or at least get the account ID number of the member asking for your information by clicking on their name in the list of members in the chat room. If no moderator is available report the member to and then log out of the chat room.
  2. No photos or linked videos which show your face or any identifiable information (your house number in the background, school name, etc). Be careful when giving out youtube, deviantart, photobucket or facebook links. Even if the videos or links you are posting follow all our rules, sometimes the comments can be full of bad language or a person can click on your username and find personal information about you including videos or pictures of your face or identifying information.
  3. Do not be rude, or disrespectful. No swearing, vulgar language, harassment, threats, or any other kind of rude behavior. Swearing includes typing the word with a period or stars in it so the chat will show it, writing the word backwards, spelling it wrong, etc. No bullying, calling people names, or posting any rude comments. This includes fighting with another person in the chat room. We are a respectful chat, and ask that you be the same.
  4. No Flooding. Flooding is when you post the same thing a lot of times, and this can cause people's computers to lock up or chat to lag for them. This includes posting more than 3 characters, words or letters on the same line (ex: lllllllllllllllllllllll or hahahahaha), posting more than one of the smilies in a row, excessively long posts, and spamming chat with links.
  5. No Giphy Flooding. Excessive uses of giphys is also considered flooding. Please do not post more than 2 giphys over the course of 5 minutes. Do not engage in "giphy wars" with friends. Abuse of giphy may result to it being disabled for your account.
  6. No Bragging. Not everyone is fortune enough to have expensive horses or cars or trainers or boarding stables, etc. Putting someone down for not having the same things you do is mean and disrespectful and will make it harder for you to make friends in the chat room.
  7. No Yelling. Do not type in all capitals letters or a mix of capital and lowercase letters. This symbolizes yelling in a chat room, and it is also very hard to read.
  8. No Mail or Roleplaying Updates. Chat is not the place to tell someone you responded to their game message or posted on their roleplay.
  9. No impersonating a moderator or other member. Doing this will result in your account being banned from the chat room. You may inadvertently choose a screen name that is already taken, or a very close version of something already in use. This includes members who are long time players who many not be actively playing the game, using a name of an long-time inactive player is confusing for other players who knew them. A moderator can ask you to change it for the safety of both of you. If you are asked to change your name, please pick something else and don't argue.
  10. No advertising other games, or game related websites. This includes asking about another game, posting urls, asking for money, referrals, tags or banners, etc. It's rather impolite to use our chat room to advertise the competition.
  11. Listen to the moderators. Moderator's names are written in red or green. Every moderator has the right to kick or silence or ban anyone they feel is breaking one or more of these rules. Some will give you a warning, others may not. Moderators may ask you to change your chat name if they feel it is inappropriate, hard to read, or too long. If they do so, you must change it. Moderators are not here to make life difficult, they are here to protect your rights as a chatter, keep you safe and keep chat a fun place for everybody to be.
  12. No mini-modding. Moderators are the only ones in the chat room responsible for enforcing the chat rules. When a member who isn't a moderator tries to enforce the rules this is known as mini-modding and is not allowed. This is because moderators have special training and guidelines they must follow when dealing with members who are breaking the rules. If you notice someone breaking the rules please inform a moderator and they will handle it.
  13. Let moderators help new members if they're not busy. If a new person is in chat and looking for help, wait for a second to see if a moderator will answer that request. If a moderator is busy, it is then okay for you to step in if you are an active player who understands the game well. If a moderator begins to help a new player, please allow the moderator to handle it. It gets very confusing when five or six people are all typing the same thing to a new player. The moderators have all played the games for several years and can assist newer players very thoroughly. It's why they are moderators - they know the game, they know the rules, and they are here to help people follow them.
  14. No chat or text speak. Not everyone who uses our chat room speaks English as their native language. For this reason text speak, also known as chat speak, is not allowed. An example of text speak is using the letter u to stay for the word "you" or the number 4 to stand for the word "for". Please use full words, grammar and proper punctuation. Although chat isn't "school time" and it should be fun it's a sign of respect to speak to someone properly and it's more fun when everyone can understand what you're saying. We have a few acronyms that are allowed are: lol, lmao, ttyl, brb, bbl, g2g, and afk
  15. Keep links appropriate. When posting public links to places like youtube, facebook, deviantart, etc make sure ALL material in the links is appropriate for chat. This includes, but is not limited to comments, linked urls/photos within those links and author information.


These are members that have the power to silence and ban people from the chat room. They are selected from long term respected players with experience playing the game and an understanding of the game rules. They are responsible for enforcing the rules in the chat room, message boards and other areas of the game. Moderators names are shown in red and green. If you're interested in becoming a moderator make sure you are polite, helpful to others, follow all the rules, and know how to play the game really well. Periodically Jade will poll other members and moderators for suggestions on who should become new moderators.

Basic Chat Functions

These are the different things you can do in the chat.

Report abuse - click on the Abuse? link next to a post and it will be removed from the chat and moderators will be notified

Delete your message - click on the Delete link next to your post and it will be removed from chat

/a (type an action here) - this will remove the : after your name and show your name in the same color as your message

/giphy (type something here) - generates a giphy that matches your text, please think ahead and make it appropriate

Chat Party Functions

Periodically members will run parties in the chat room. If you'd like to run a chat party you may, however you must have at least one moderator present for the duration of your chat party and you must provide all the trivia, games, and prizes that will be awarded to the winners of the party. Here are some chat party chat functions.

/random (number) - this will generate a random number between 1 and (number)

/random color - this will generate a random color of red, blue or green

/random coin - this will generate either heads or tails

/forsure (number) - this will randomly generate a number with two higher and two lower for the forsure game with the maximum number being (number)

Moderator Functions

These are the different things you can do in the chat.

/anotice (type an action here) - message only other moderators can see

Ban user - click on the ban link next to the player's message to ban the user, this can be undone from the chat admin panel

Silence user - click on the silence link next to the player's message and they will not be allowed to post messages in chat for 3 minutes. This cannot be undone, it will wear off on it's own.

Admin panel - find the link at the bottom of the chat room, this will allow you to unban players and review banned members, messages reported as abuse and full chat transcripts