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Free Multiplayer PHP/MySQL Game — Pits of Doom

About a month ago I started giving someone PHP/MySQL lessons. In the lessons I made up a little game to teach the guy how to do different things in PHP all the way up to making his own multiplayer online text-based game. So in the next few months I’m going to share insights on creating your own PHP/MySQL game by posting the code for this little game under the GNU public license. That way you’re free to edit/update and change it as you see fit. If you’d give me credit for it (or at least keep the link on it) I’d appreciate it.

I’ll post the tutorials here along with the final code for the game and an installation file (which I’ll even teach you how it works!) so you can follow along and see how I go about making an online game, the thought process behind it, and how to get one up and working yourself.

Game Tutorials

Download Game Code

.zip archive — Coming Soon!

.tar.gz archive — Coming Soon!

Download Game Tutorials

.zip archive — Coming Soon!

.tar.gz archive — Coming Soon!

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15 Responses

  1. Graham says:

    Great tutorial
    Is it possible to create an online game without having a SQL database?

  2. Jade says:

    That would depend on the type of game you’re making. The kind of game where you play once and it never has to save any of your information would work. If it’s something where people login every day and can get access to their stuff then yes, you’d have to have something to store all the data into.

    MySQL is a free database software so it’s not like you’d have to pay anything to use it. If you download XAMPP that’s free as well and already comes with MySQL and PHP setup and ready to go. That way you can create an online game on your own computer without any expense.

    However if you wanted to have it available online you’d need a server or online hosting to make it visible to everyone.

  3. SR says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorials. For me they are truly amazing! I’m new to php and have been delving in deep and developing my own PBBG. It’s main feature being a interactive map. What you talk about here is exactkly what I’ve been looking for and in an easy to understand manner. I can’t wait for your next lesson (as my game map will be huge – I’m interested to see how you incorporate sql). Thanks again!

  4. Jade says:

    I’m glad you like it! Most tutorials I’ve looked at just kind of plop the code in front of you with no real explanation of what’s going on or what it even needs to be done. I really hate that!!

    I’m a big fan of simplifying things and then building on smaller, simpler steps. Once I start going over mySQL we’ll talk about classes and how easy it is to learn about SQL then pretty much let your simple scripts do all the hard work for you.

  5. Lianne says:

    It’s great that you can simplify things to make ME understand. 🙂
    well, I’m not too bad at learning coding, I learned HTML with trial and error.

    I would like to create my own game one day, and I’ve been reading books about it. But it’s like you said, not one really tells you what’s going on. and I find that a lot of the SQL and PHP Books don’t really elaborate on things like games.

    My only challenge now is to actually be ab;e to put it all into practice.
    I have Adobe Dreamweaver, but I tried the software you told me about.. but I just couldn’t figure it out.. :S

    Anyways, thank you for the tutorial.
    How many steps do you presume there will be?

  6. glade says:

    Great tutorial, hard drive broke down, had to find your site again,
    Thnx for the help, i’m using xampp, if i get into sticky situations while building, are you up for hire..?

  7. asv3 says:

    good tutorial, thanks for your efforts

  8. Kaykay says:

    What a wonderful man you are!!!!…

    Cheers multiply hundred times…

  9. Jordan says:

    Great you are a boss at tutorials

  10. Bernard says:

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    I encounter one like this, I attempt to post a comment and
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