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PHP Tutorial: Learning PHP (Part 3)

In Part 2 I covered else-if statements and more complicated if statements. One of the other concepts that’s essential to learning any kind of programming is loops. There are three different types of loops...


PHP Tutorial: Learning PHP (Part 1)

When the Internet exploded in the .com age people were just starting to realize the potential of online programming languages. PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessing, is one of my favorite programming languages. One of the...


Pits of Doom Lesson 6: MySQL Database Class

In the last lesson I introduced you to functions, reading & writing to a file, some simple javascript and adding features to the game so we could swap in/out maps and move up/down map...


Pits of Doom Lesson 5: Easy Map Editor

In the last lesson we made some real progress. Now, instead of having a boring page with a click of one button before the game is over, we have a character that can move...


Pits of Doom Lesson 4: And Array We Go

In the last lesson we covered how to create a function, how to use some of php’s built in functions, and how to deal with sessions. Now we’ll take it even a step further....


Pits of Doom Lesson 2: Breaking It Down

One of the best things to do if you’ve never made a game before or you don’t have much programming experience is to break things down into their most basic parts. We’ll start off...