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Pits of Doom

Pits of Doom Map Editor
Pits of Doom Map Editor – learn how to make it in lesson 9

A while back I was working with some interns and I created this game to teach them PHP and MySQL. We ended up making a little multiplayer online fighting SIM game which I’ve polished up a bit since then. I’m going to share the insights of creating your own PHP/MySQL game by posting the code for this game under the GNU public license. That way you’re free to edit/update and change it as you see fit. I’d appreciate it if you post a link back to my website, LLC if you use the code.

The available lessons are below with more to come. I’ll include a .zip and .tar.gz once all of the lessons have been posted as well as links to where you can test and buy an AJAX version of the game or parts of the game. Enjoy.

Game Tutorials

Download Game Code

.zip archive — Not Available Yet

.tar.gz archive — Not Available Yet

Download Game Tutorials

.zip archive — Not Available Yet

.tar.gz archive — Not Available Yet

AJAX Version – $150

Pits of Doom — Full Version
Get the game, graphics and scripts you love now modified to run in AJAX. This includes all of the AJAX addons listed in the addons section below. Requires PHP5, GD and MySQL 4.2 or higher.

AJAX Addons

$25 – chat room

$25 – movement

$25 – fighting

$25 – stats/equipping

$25 – shops

$25 – inventory

$25 – admin panel

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