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PHP Tutorial: Connecting to a MySQL Database

You would think this is really obvious but I see a TON of posts on (great php/mysql forum by the way) where people put their login and password for their database on every...


Cheat Sheet: ASP & PHP Cross Reference

I found this cool site that has examples cross-referencing PHP and ASP so you can see the difference (or use it if you’re switching from one language to the other). They also have a...


PHP Tutorial: Format Dates Taking Country Into Consideration

<? /************** * Purpose: Format dates with country in consideration * Precondition: 2 letter country code the individual is from * Postcondition: date is reformatted for that country * Note: all available country abbreviations...


PHP Tutorial: Learning PHP (Part 3)

In Part 2 I covered else-if statements and more complicated if statements. One of the other concepts that’s essential to learning any kind of programming is loops. There are three different types of loops...


PHP Tutorial: Learning PHP (Part 1)

When the Internet exploded in the .com age people were just starting to realize the potential of online programming languages. PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessing, is one of my favorite programming languages. One of the...


Ten Reasons Not To Use ASP!

10. I have to write my own isNull function? 9. No double equals = retarded language 8. You can’t response.write across multiple lines unless you _ & fix them. Can’t concatenate across multiple lines...