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SecondLife Tip: Phantom/Hidden Object Problem

One of the biggest problems with phantom (or hidden) objects in SecondLife is that when you want something to show up and things behind/in front of it are not visible you often end up...

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SecondLife Tutorial: Working Elevator

I found code from another person in the SL wiki and tweaked it to my liking. It had some issues with coming back down after the SL avatar was on top of the elevator...

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Real World SecondLife Crimes: Virtual Rape & Pornography

I found a really interesting article in the Washington Post and I thought I’d share it. Apparently there have been an increasing number of crimes in second life. This article talks about a virtual...

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SecondLife Tutorial: Setting Linked Objects A Certain Color

For objects with multiple parts in SecondLife you need to use LlSetLinkColor. What this does is goes through the object and picks up anything its linked to. This way it will change the color...

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