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Cheat Sheet: ASP & PHP Cross Reference

I found this cool site that has examples cross-referencing PHP and ASP so you can see the difference (or use it if you’re switching from one language to the other). They also have a...


Classic ASP Tutorial: How to do Soap Requests

So I was having a helluva time trying to get this working. I was finally able to muck around and get a setup that would connect to SOAP at CapWiz like it’s supposed to....


Ten Reasons Not To Use ASP!

10. I have to write my own isNull function? 9. No double equals = retarded language 8. You can’t response.write across multiple lines unless you _ & fix them. Can’t concatenate across multiple lines...


Type Casting in ASP

Turns out you have to use the VB functions…. Asc – Converts the first letter in a string to ANSI code CBool – Converts an expression to a variant of subtype Boolean CByte –...


Learning ASP

Well, it looks like I’m resigned to learning several new languages if I’m going to program in them for the next several years. So I figured out how to turn on the IIS in...