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Angular Js

I wrote a few plunkers this past month that I thought I would share for anyone whose interested in dabbling in Angular JS. Enjoy! Nested Ng-Repeats Dynamically reformat number of max columns per table...


PHP Function: Posted Time Ago – Facebook Style

So I won’t claim credit to this but I was browsing DevNetwork and I found a function that is both useful, succinct and awesome all rolled up into one. Using a php lookup table...


FREE PHP Tool: Class File Generator

Want to quickly generate a class file for a table in your database? This script takes your connection information, the name of the table, the name of your class and gives you a formatted...


DOJO Tutorial: Clear All Data From The Grid

Unforutnately if you try to call the startup() function again (the logical way to create your grid all over again…come on now DOJO) you’ll get a the error: “Tried to register widget with id==grid...