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PHP Tutorial: Cookies vs Sessions

If you’re interested in making any kind of web based application then learning how to use sessions and cookies is a must. Many people don’t understand how these work and how they different from...


PHP Function: Posted Time Ago – Facebook Style

So I won’t claim credit to this but I was browsing DevNetwork and I found a function that is both useful, succinct and awesome all rolled up into one. Using a php lookup table...


PHP Tutorial: Searching and Pagination

In the work that I’ve done for clients and just in browsing the web I’ve seen a fair amount of strange pagination scripts out there. If you’re looking for a simple pagination solution then...


MySQL Tutorial: A Beginners Guide

So, what is a database? If you think you’ve never used a database before you’re wrong. Are you online right now reading this post?? Guess what, you’re reading information from a database. You can...


PHP Tutorial: Easy SQL Injection Prevention

I’ve noticed on several client games I’ve worked on recently that instead of creating a global cleaning function to prevent SQL injections they’re wrapping mysql_real_escape_string() calls around everything. Sure, putting this function around any...