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Freelance Flash Animator Position — Filled is a flash MMO currently in development. We’re looking for someone to become a long-term part of our animation team. You must be 18 or older, willing to sign a graphic rights contract,...


New Dog Images

We’re on a campaign to add breed pictures to all of the dogs on and We’ll be adding 2 or more new breed pictures to both games every month. Check out our...


New Breed Pictures

The new horse images for White Oak Stables are now almost 50% done. Once all of the breeds are complete we’ll be adding dynamic markings to all of them. Here’s a look at some...


Limited Edition Pumpkin Color!

From November 1st through the 5th you’ll have a chance to buy a limited edition Pumpkin colored horse from the White Oak Stables horse store. This special color is only available to upgraded members,...


Email Update & New Graphics

We’re still having problems with our email since switching to new servers. If you need to contact us about one of our games please use Thank you for your patience at this time....


Quater Horses

The new sketches for Quarter Horses are here. We expect they will be available by the end of the month in solid colors and with the new paint markings. Click on the picture for...