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PLEX Character Puzzles

Total Time – 2 hours. I would have spent more time working on my code but it seems that my laptop has died and I have to go get it fixed. Joy…

For each of the characters the puzzles will be different. However, you can see the initial starting position of each character in the game by looking at the game map above. When a new game is started the selected character will start at that position. They can interact with the other characters as NPC characters if they go to their location on the map. Each character has an ultimate goal they are working towards (a way to win the game) but they will have to complete smaller puzzles in order to finish their ultimate goal. I’m going to focus on Alex as the first set of puzzles and maps I complete before I move on to the next character.

Alex – He starts off in the builders guild part of the map. His ultimate goal is to figure out where the supplies went that were supposed to be delivered so he could build a house.

Builders Guild – on this section of the map Alex can buy some hard to find blocks from his parents store. Otherwise there is no actual puzzle for him to complete here. Once he returns to this part of the map and has figured out where all his supplies went the game is over.

Ash Canyon – Here Alex will have to move a few blocks out of his way before he can continue on to Fuzzyland. The blocks will have a certain pattern to them so they have to be arranged in a particular way before he can get through. A rock will block the broken bridge that leads to Merryfield so he can only continue on through Fuzzyland.

Fuzzyland – Here Alex meets Bella. She’s the daughter of the best item maker in Plex. She tells him that she can give him some bombs if he’ll help her get X amount of gems so she can run way from home. When he brings her that amount of gems then he’ll be able to buy bombs from the store. He won’t have enough gems to give her what she wants so he’ll have to continue on to Haymarket.

Haymarket – In haymarket Alex has a bunch of choices on where he’d like to go after he unscrambles the broken road so he can pass. Here he’ll find a few gems if he completes the road and he’ll see a key that’s surrounded by boulders and trees (that he can’t reach at this point).

Stone Castle – here he can help complete a tower on a section of the castle to receive a shovel courtesy of the king if he does. Now he can buy shovels from the store which will help him dig up blocks as his journey continues.

Waterville – Alex can go here from haymarket. He’ll come to a shore with a ton of water blocks between his way and the path to landslide. Here he’ll need a ramp to make his way across the water. Once he gets across Tanya will warn him of the boulders and rocks in landslide and tells him about how the water level is dropping and how worried she is about it. Tells him about the rumor that landslide is a goldmine if you start digging and moving things around.

Mercy Valley – Alex can go here from haymarket. If gives Kitty a shovel (because they’re out of shovels here) then she’ll give him a ramp. She tells him that they’ve been really short of shovels in the valley lately and she’s not sure why. If Alex can fix the slope on one side of the valley then he can pass across to boulder canyon but Kitty warns that there’s a monster through the pass and he probably shouldn’t go through until he knows how to defeat it.

Landslide – this part of the map is packed with blocks. In order for Alex to get through he’ll have dig his way through blocks, and then move a path out of the way. For every block he digs up he’ll be rewarded with gems. (he should have enough after this to bring gems back to Bella.

Wishingwell Falls – in this part of the map Alex meets Raven, the princess of Plex. Raven is off on a big adventure but she won’t let Alex pass through into boulder canyon until she can bring him a key she needs to open a treasure chest (the key is in haymarket). Once Alex brings her the key back she’ll tell him how to beat the monster in boulder canyon.

Boulder Canyon – Alex defeats the monster. He can’t face the monster until he’s helped Raven.

Merryfield – The last stop before Alex can finish the game. He finds Lisa whose missing her sheep. She says knows whats happened to his supplies but in return for telling him he has to rebuild the bridge between Merryfield and Ash canyon. Once Alex does that Lisa gives him all his supplies saying that the people who were going to deliver it got attacked by the monster and then were too scared to continue on their journey to his place. She gives him a ton of blocks and Alex can return home.

Builder Guild – once he’s back in the builders guild Alex can use the blocks he received to build a house. Once his house is complete the game is over and the person playing Plex can try playing the game as one of the other 5 characters where the storyline and puzzles will be different.

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3 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    Thats a pretty good story line. It sounds like a more puzzle oriented Harvest Moon. Will there be a chance for small side quests or mini-games?

  2. Ryan says:

    Wow. You pretty much have Alex’s game planned out in its entirety. Do you have any of these maps done yet? Also will you have Alex do some backtracking in the game or will you just keep going straight to the end? Thanks for those files btw.

  3. Jade says:

    I haven’t planned for any mini-games but I’m sure after I have the main game up and running it wouldn’t be a problem to add those in. For instance, if you blow up a certain rock in one map it could lead to another “unmarked” map that has some kind of mini-game.

    Yes, Alex will have to do some backtracking in order to complete the entire game. At one time he’ll have to go all the way back to Haymarket to get the keys and such.

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