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Error FIX: Mysql.h Not Found

Okay, so I downloaded the mysql-dev pack from the software repositories on OpenSuse 10.2 and that fixed the problem I was having with the mysql.h file not found error. I’ve read a few websites that say you have to include -libmysql to the linker but every time I do that I get library not found. So I’m going to try getting the database stuff setup without the library linked in there (its probably included in one of my other linking libraries) and go from there. Worst comes to worse I can try mysql++ or qt which deals with mysql databases in Kdevelop projects. In order to get that working you have to turn it on by going to project options > c++ specific > then click on the qt tab and enable the qt databases. From there you can follow this tutorial I found on setting up mysql and qt databases in Kdevelop to get things working.

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