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Recent Activity

This week White Oak Stables has had a lot happening. There’s a new help wiki that all members can use to create, edit and modify the game help files. This is a huge improvement over the old member guide that was infrequently updated.

In the racing register new avatar pictures have been added to the spotlights pages and message boards. These avatars will also show up in the member’s online list. Since posting pictures in member names is so popular, but it makes searching for that member practically impossible, this is a great solution.

Also new to racing is the deceased horses feature. Horses kept alive and in good health to age 25 will automatically retire and their pedigree information will be stored on the game. This will make tracking inbreeding and linebreeding easier.

The bank section has new functionality like sending money to other members, cashing in game credits, and transferring money into a bank account.

Finally new age specifications were added to the spotlights section. Now you can sort by the top 2yo horse by wins, or the best 4yo steeplechaser.

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