SecondLife Tutorial: Setting Linked Objects A Certain Color

For objects with multiple parts in SecondLife you need to use LlSetLinkColor. What this does is goes through the object and picks up anything its linked to. This way it will change the color of all other things its connected to. I also figured out how to change the alpha values of the objects so they appear and disappear when clicked.

if (llGetColor(ALL_SIDES) == white) //the block is already white
      llSetColor(black, ALL_SIDES);
      llSetLinkColor(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, black, ALL_SIDES);//change transparency
      llSetAlpha(.5, ALL_SIDES);
      llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, .5, ALL_SIDES);
      llSetColor(white, ALL_SIDES);
      llSetLinkColor(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, white, ALL_SIDES);//change transparency
      llSetAlpha(1, ALL_SIDES);
      llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, 1, ALL_SIDES);

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