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This shows you an example of how to make a simple HTML5 music player. It uses the bootstrap framework. Audio files are not included in the download. A tutorial explaining how to make the…

As a flattened transparent .png 600 x 500px at 72dpi or as a layered .PSD file where you can easily change the coat color.

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Available as a transparent .png at 72dpi 600x500px or a layered .psd file that makes it easy to change the base coat color.

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Requires PHP 4 or higher. No database required. Features include starting a new game and the ability to modify the min/max number generated. Points awarded for how many guesses it takes to get to…

Comes as a .png file 72dpi at 250 × 141px

Transparent .png file at 72dpi 250 x 137px

PNG files come as a PSD with each PNG on it's own layer. PSD files come as individual files, each with layers designed to allow you to easily change the color of the animal.…

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Available in two different formats. PSD is layered to allow easily changing the bear's coat color.

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Comes as a .png file 150 x 162px at 72dpi.