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SVN Cheat Sheet

Brackets [like_this] indicate that the value is optional. Merging and revisions and committing, conflicts and reverting assume that you’ve already checked out and are in a working repository.

Checkout a repository

svn co repo_url [folder_name]

Merge into a repository

svn merge repo_url

Check the status of a repository

svn status [file_name]

Check for uncommitted change differences

svn diff [file_name]

Resolve conflicts

svn resolve –accept type file_name

Commit changes

svn ci -m “your commit message goes here”

Revert a revision

svn merge -c -REV#

Revert a range of revisions

svn merge -r UPREV#:LOWREV#

Add all unversioned files

svn add `svn status .|grep “^?”|awk ‘{print $2}’`

Find all files with conflicts

svn status | grep -P ‘^(?=.{0,6}C)’

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