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Classic ASP Tutorial: How to do Soap Requests

So I was having a helluva time trying to get this working. I was finally able to muck around and get a setup that would connect to SOAP at CapWiz like it’s supposed to....


PHP Tutorial: Dynamically Create an Email Address in CPanel

This assumes you have cPanel and permission to run the /scripts/addpop command. You’ll need to write functions for validateUsername, validatePassword, and usernameExists or you can click on the links for each of those and...


PHP Tutorial: Get Filename From Domain Path

<?php /**** * Purpose: get the filename from the path * Precondition: path i.e. * Postcondition: returns the filename i.e. contacts.php ****/ function fileName($path) { return substr($path, strrpos($path, ‘/’)+1, strlen($path)); } ?> Programming...