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PHP Tutorial: Connecting to a MySQL Database

You would think this is really obvious but I see a TON of posts on (great php/mysql forum by the way) where people put their login and password for their database on every...


Classic ASP Tutorial: How to do Soap Requests

So I was having a helluva time trying to get this working. I was finally able to muck around and get a setup that would connect to SOAP at CapWiz like it’s supposed to....


1 Code Snippet a Month Challenge

This was initially designed as a way for me to challenge myself in creating a code snippet every month that would be useful to online game development. I did pretty well at first but...


HTML Tutorial: A Crash Course In Tables

It amazes me how many people proclaim to be programmers but they can’t even write simple HTML code. Sooo, this post is in response to all the would be web developers out there who...


PHP Tutorial: Learning PHP (Part 3)

In Part 2 I covered else-if statements and more complicated if statements. One of the other concepts that’s essential to learning any kind of programming is loops. There are three different types of loops...


PHP Tutorial: Learning PHP (Part 1)

When the Internet exploded in the .com age people were just starting to realize the potential of online programming languages. PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessing, is one of my favorite programming languages. One of the...