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Game Journal 1.5: Ten Games You Played As A Child

In my last post I created a game with a passive player. I also included a short blurb to describe what I consider a passive player. This exercise challenges you to list ten games...


Game Journal 1.3: Your Life As A Game

In my previous game journal post I explored a game I hate to play, listed all the reasons I hated it, and then offered ways to fix the things I didn’t like. Exercise 1.3...


Game Journal 1.2: Games You Hate To Play

Exercise 1.2 In my previous post I analyzed how I play, how someone else plays and then compared and contrasted the two. For this exercise you’re supposed to find a game you hate to...


Game Journal 1.1: Become A Tester

So I recently got my copy of Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton back from a friend and while I was flipping through it I remembered one of the reasons I bought it and...