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PHP Tutorial: Easy SQL Injection Prevention

I’ve noticed on several client games I’ve worked on recently that instead of creating a global cleaning function to prevent SQL injections they’re wrapping mysql_real_escape_string() calls around everything. Sure, putting this function around any...


FREE PHP Tool: Class File Generator

Want to quickly generate a class file for a table in your database? This script takes your connection information, the name of the table, the name of your class and gives you a formatted...


Pits of Doom Lesson 10: Member Interaction

In the last lesson we added the ability to fight monsters on our map and added a graphic library to display our maps and updated the map editor so we can easily customize our...


PHP Tutorial: Connecting to a MySQL Database

You would think this is really obvious but I see a TON of posts on (great php/mysql forum by the way) where people put their login and password for their database on every...