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Ten Reasons Not To Use ASP!

10. I have to write my own isNull function?

9. No double equals = retarded language

8. You can’t response.write across multiple lines unless you _ & fix them. Can’t concatenate across multiple lines unless you _ & fix them.

7. WHERE THE HELL IS ++ or – – or -= or += or all the others? I think they made it so we had to do count = count + 1 just to watch us all suffer and tear our hair out.

6. Comments are apostrophes. So you know, when you’re typing up strings you have extra fun trying to read things like “and he said, “”don”t mess wit me ”sucka”””” ‘isn’t that just funny! you can’t tell where my strings end and my comments begin!

5. No block comments. Enough said. WTF?

if 1=0 then

put my comment crap here if I want to type more than one line or if my comment is so long that I want to put a paragraph return so it doesn’t run outside the 80 line view of my text editor. Pure GENIUS!

end if

4. If you have a table like this:

id –  int
comment – text
active – bool
category – int
date – timestamp

And you pull select * from this table into a dataset then the fields of type text overwrite the values all the fields underneath it: active, category, date, etc all come up blank even though they really have a value.

3. I heart Linux

2. No associative arrays from datasets unless you switch scripts and hack in some Javascript or create a scripting dictionary. Instead I have to loop through the dataset each time, what a waste of resources. Who in their right god-forsaken mind decided this wasn’t a must have? Obviously someone who didn’t do a lot of ASP with databases….

1.  Subjectivity XKCD:

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1 Response

  1. Monkey Boy says:

    I agree with allot of your reasons.
    10. there is an isnull function it just returns true or false rather than letting you make it equal something if its false.
    9. The double equals thing is probably to do with it being derived from BASIC.
    7.They lost ++ — += -= in the post (thats the only excuse i can think of!)
    6.I dont know why they used apostrophes but atleast its not like htmls which is far more annoying.
    3. Thats a matter of taste :p

    ps. I not a microsoft fan boy just felt like giving my oppinion 🙂

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