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PHP Tutorial: Connecting to a MySQL Database

You would think this is really obvious but I see a TON of posts on (great php/mysql forum by the way) where people put their login and password for their database on every...


SmartFoxServer Flash AS3 Tutorial: Using Classes

Okay so one of the thing I’ve learned about SmartFoxServer is that the documentation is hard to search through and the sample code they have available really doesn’t cover a lot of standard coding...


PHP Functions: Wiggle, Wobble, Squibble & Swipswap

Here are a few fun functions for word games, word scrambling and just plain word craziness. <?php /*********** * Purpose: move a certain letter to a certain position * Precondition: word, letter to move,...


PHP Tutorial: Format Dates Taking Country Into Consideration

<? /************** * Purpose: Format dates with country in consideration * Precondition: 2 letter country code the individual is from * Postcondition: date is reformatted for that country * Note: all available country abbreviations...


Useful PHP Functions

I ask myself why type the same thing over and over again when you can just use one function call? I’ve seen a lot of people do that, so stop it! Save yourself the...