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VGXPO Meet N Greet List

Here’s a list of everyone I’m planning to talk to/meet this coming Saturday. Heh, I’m bringing resumes, business cards, and hopefully my finished business plan.

Matt Shaw – Chief Technology Officer at Mythic Entertainment (EA Games)

Ravi Mehta – VP of Publishing at Viximo

Chris Oltyan – Director of Product Development at Zeitgeist Games

Michael Gjere – Director of Product Development at Brain Farm Entertainment

Steve Reid – EVP and Managing Directory at Red Storm Entertainment (Ubisoft).

Fiona Cherbak – Chair, IGDA Women in Games SIG and VP of Marketing, GameRecruiter

Jim Rivers – Hiring Manager at Obsidian Entertainment

Brenda Brathwaite – Game designer and professor of game development and interactive design, SCAD

Rob Catto – Program Director for the Game Development Bachelor Degree Program at Full Sail Real World Education (I’m looking into their Master program!!)

Paula Fellbaum – VP of Human Resources, Nexon Publishing

Kim Wilder – COO, Nexon Publishing

Amber DaltonPMS Clan Leader

Jill Duffy – Editor-in-Chief, and Senior Contributing Editor, Game Developer.

Whoo, I’m super excited. Wish me luck!!!

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