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Why Using Google Adsense Really Does Make $ense

I started using Google Adsense on my games in 2004, three years after they opened. Boy do I wish I’d started three years earlier. If you’re not using Google Adsense on your games and websites you should be. It’s a crazy easy way to make passive income which means more money you have to spend on future development and game assets (your pocket too). Part of what makes Google Adsense work so well is that it uses cookies to target what people are interested in seeing. That means they’re more likely to click on an ad which generates you income. Oh yes, Google Adsense is PPC or Pay Per Click which means every time someone clicks on an ad it will credit your account with money. As soon as your account reaches over $100 (or it’s the end of the fiscal year) you will get a check for everything in your account. It might take a few years to really bring in the dough but keep at it and the rewards will be worth the wait.

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