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ASP Binary Upload FIX: Request.BinaryRead Operation Not Allowed

IIS also has a maximum request size that will need to be reset if you’re uploading documents larger than about 200kb.

1) Open IIS Manager by going to start > control panel > administrative tools. Right click on the server name > properties. Click on enable direct metabase edit. If this box isn’t checked you won’t be able to edit the metabase.xml file.

2) Open my computer. In the address bar put this and hit enter: %SYSTEMROOT%system32inetsrv

3) Find the metabase.xml file and open it with some kind of text editor

4) Search for the line that says AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed. Change that to your max file upload size.

5) Go back to IIS and uncheck direct edit metabase checkbox.

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3 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    This just saved by bacon. I found the “Request.BinaryRead Operation Not Allowed” error by using Fiddler2 to examine the response headers when IE failed to give me a meaningful error message.

    Thank you!

    • Jade says:

      You’re welcome! It drove me nuts trying to figure this one out myself. Hopefully this will prevent others from searching for hours for a solution 🙂

  2. Super Mario says:

    you can also manage this from IIS 7.0 mmc.

    Open site or global setting for ASP, Expand the LImits Properties group. update Maximum Requesting Entity Body LImit to allow for the largest file you expect.

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