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PLEX (see the storyboard) is a C++ game using the Allegro API that I started as my honors project my senior year at the University of Mary Washington. Now it’s something I continue to work on when I have some spare time.

When the game opens you are prompted to start a new game or load a game. If the player selects new game they are asked if they want to play in story mode or build mode. Story mode is the single player version of the game. Build is an online multiplayer version. In build mode once they’ve logged in they can start playing over the Internet with everyone else also online.

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Story Mode

When the player starts a new game in story mode they are prompted to pick a character to play the game as. The character they pick will change the gameplay. Each character has a different objective, and the point of the game is to help the character fulfill that objective. For instance, one character might need you to help her find a flock of sheep she lost. So you have to move around the game map, talking to other NP characters and fulfilling mini-challenges to help your character accomplish his or her goal.

Build (Multiplayer) Mode

In build mode terra-forming the world is all the rage. Players are put on a 100 x 100 square grid that’s 6 blocks deep. It’s up to them to build houses and form certain patterns in order to buy items from the store. Before they can buy items they need to collect jewels by making patterns with the blocks. Once they have jewels they can dig up blocks, blow up obstacles, and create their very own houses. The players with the most jewels will be ranked on a top player list. But it’s not all fun and games! If you’re not careful your character can die and you have to start all over again 🙁 In the future I hope to add chatting features, trading of objects among online players, and a lot more objects in the store.


PLEX is a mixture of role-playing/puzzle game with a networking aspect in the online version. In order to complete the object their character is given, players have to terra-form the world around them. But don’t think it’s that easy! Obstacles will block your way, and the limited movement of blocks will at times stump them. Players need to move blocks in specific orders to landscape, create buildings, and build bridges. As they form the world around them it will open up new mini-quests and adventures, in a little place rich with culture and personalized architecture!


All of the graphics used in this game are made by myself, or modified from free graphics provided by Danc of Lost Garden as a part of his prototyping challenges. The one multiplayer screenshot is by Danc, not myself. That particular screenshot is what the online multiplayer version may look like until it’s coded and then a newer screenshot will be provided. As a side note, PLEX build mode is somewhat based off of the original ideas in his prototyping challenge. For instance, it was his idea to have the characters make certain patterns to win jewels. However all other ideas for the game are my own.

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