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Movie Video Games: Cop-Outs?

Just yesterday I was watching the TV and a commercial for the new Narnia Movie came up. Or so I thought. Instead it turns out it was for the Narnia video game. Then today I open my Gamasutra Newsletter and what do I see? More movies being turned into video games.

Maybe its just me, but somehow I feel like these games are a cop-out. Instead of coming up with their own fresh, original ideas they snatch someone else’s creative vision. Yes, yes I know that most brilliant ideas are a bunch of good ideas from other people all rolled up into one, but I can’t help feeling short changed. Maybe it’s because if I’ve seen the movie already I know what to expect at the end of the game. After all, that’s half the fun of playing a video game — you never know what to expect.

What do you think? Would you prefer to play an original video game or one that’s been adapted from a movie?

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