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Now Offering AJAX Chat is now proud to offer a AJAX chat room as a part of its basic online game package. Now, instead of having a refreshing PHP chatroom, reloading pages is no longer an issue. The chatroom is a modded version of the free open source AJAX chat from blueimp. It comes fully integrated into your game’s control panel and your game. Only members of your game will be able to enter the chat and they always enter with their username and ID number making tracking their conversation history a piece of cake. It has several different skins that come standard plus you have the option of choosing from our chat skins package that has an additional five skins. Or you can have a skin custom made for your website!

Chat Features Include:

# Multiple channels

# Private messaging

# Private channels

# Invitation system

# Kick offending Users

# Ban offending Users

# Ignoring offending Users

# Online users list with user menu

# Emoticons / Smilies

# Easy way to add custom emoticons

# BBCode support

# Optional Flash based sound support

# Optional visual update information (changing window title)

# Clickable Hyperlinks

# Splitting of long words to preserve chat layout

# Flood control

# Possibility to delete messages inside the chat

# IRC style commands

# Easy interface to add custom commands

# Possibility to define opening hours for the chat

# Possibility to enable/disable guest users

# Persistent client-side settings

# Multiple languages (auto-detection of ACCEPT_LANGUAGE browser setting)

# Multiple styles

# Chat window adjusts to browser window with included styles

# Easy layout customization through stylesheets (CSS) and template system

# Automatic adjustment of displayed time to local client timezone

# Standards compliance (XHTML 1.0 strict)

# Accepts any text input, including code and special characters

# Multi-line input field with the possibility to enter line breaks

# Message length counter

# Realtime monitoring and logs viewer

# Support for unicode (UTF-8) and non-unicode content types

# Bandwidth saving update calls (only updated data is sent)

# Optional support to push updates over a Flash based socket connection (increased performance and responsiveness)

# Survives connection timeouts

# Easy integration into existing authentication systems

# Separation of layout and code

# Well commented Source Code

# Developed with Security as integral part – built to prevent Code injections, SQL injections, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Session stealing and other attacks

# Tested successfully with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Konqueror – built to work with all modern browsers 🙂

Want to upgrade your PHP chat?

No problem! If you’re a past client of we’re offering an AJAX chat upgrade for only $75. Want to change your old php chat to our new AJAX chat? Get it today for only $150 fully integrated and customized for your website.

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