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CHM & PDF Programming Manuals

I know these have come in handy for me over the years. Right click and save link as. AJAX – chm Pragmatic AJAX – pdf Allegro 4.2.1 – chm C++ Addison Reference – chm...


PLEX Source Code Version 0.03

I’ve done several things this week. The game now checks to see if you have a correct login, and only lets you login if it matches a login found in the game database. Once...


Envisioning PLEX

I realized that I never wrote up the storyboard and notes I drew up when I decided to make PLEX. Of course it has changed a little bit since then, but the rules and...


PLEX Source Code Version 0.02

So here is the new source code (available under gpl license) and a screenshot of the new layout on the build screen due to the problems I had with the allegro GUI system.


The Downfalls of Allegro GUI

Okay, so after hours of torturous tutorials and lots of headaches over code that is making my brain hurt, I’ve finally found a way to get my GUI login working for PLEX. Because Allegro...


PLEX Screenshots

The loading screen The new game screen The mode screen The load a game screen The build game screen (what I have working) The build game screen (what it will look like) The exit...


PLEX Source Code Version 0.01

What works so far: ¬†Loading screen (you can’t see this because the game loads very quickly right now) Start a new game screen you can use your mouse and left click, or the arrow...


Allegro Tutorial: Threading

Here is a link to threading in Linux. That will be very interesting as my Linux skills are still fairly limited at this point! But in the meantime I conned this Windows example of...