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Envisioning PLEX

I realized that I never wrote up the storyboard and notes I drew up when I decided to make PLEX. Of course it has changed a little bit since then, but the rules and...


PLEX Source Code Version 0.02

So here is the new source code (available under gpl license) and a screenshot of the new layout on the build screen due to the problems I had with the allegro GUI system.


PLEX Screenshots

The loading screen The new game screen The mode screen The load a game screen The build game screen (what I have working) The build game screen (what it will look like) The exit...


PLEX Source Code Version 0.01

What works so far:  Loading screen (you can’t see this because the game loads very quickly right now) Start a new game screen you can use your mouse and left click, or the arrow...


PLEX Specification Requirements Document

PLEX – Multiplayer Online Game Specification Requirements 1. Introduction I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington and I’m going to me making a game in C/C++ using the Allegro API. The game,...


Introduction To PLEX

This game is a type of puzzle. In the online version, players will create an account and login to the game. Once they are logged on they will be randomly placed on a 100...