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UDP Socket Programming

Okay, so I’m going over the deep end and I’m going to create a client/server setup in UDP (or TCP but i think dropped packets won’t be an issue) so I can get the bare bones of a working server setup for an MMO. Eventually I’ll want WOS v2 and my c++ allegro game to co-exist side by side. That way WOS members can download the 3D version and play using the same database and server info as those on the 2D version. Then I won’t have to create a whole new schema and hopefully all of my members can use the same database (although I know with the amount of traffic an MMO generates that won’t be feasible but I have to start somewhere).

With both the 2D and 3D versions working side by side then it won’t matter if some members can’t download and run the 3D version because all the info is coming from the same place.

Here are some sites I found that I’ll be using. Keep checking back the list will grow.

Best one I’ve found yet:ÂÂ

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